Create Kali Live USB Persistence from Mac

by Hojung posted Feb 18, 2015


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Create Live USB Persistence from Mac

1. Erase existing partitions on USB
Kali on USB-0.png

2. Verify the location of your USB drive by using diskutil.
diskutil list
Kali on USB-1.png

3. Copy the Kali ISO image to your USB disk by typing the following terminal command.
sudo dd if=kali-linux-1.0.9a-amd64.iso of=/dev/disk3 bs=512k
Kali on USB-2.png

4. Boot from the USB drive (Keep pressing Option key when booting to select the USB)

5. Run "gparted" and create a new partition on “unallocated” space. 
- Partition type: EXT4
- Label: persistence

6. Open a terminal then add the following commands.
mkdir -p /mnt/my_usb
mount /dev/sdb3 /mnt/my_usb
echo “/ union” > /mnt/my_usb/persistence.conf
umount /dev/sdb3

7. Reboot then from the boot menu, use the option with “Live USB Persistence.”


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